Wired for Growth

Wired for Growth


How to build engagement and your bottom line through human wiring!

Wired For Growth is a 30,000 foot view of the approach a business can take to hit the next level through human wiring and a strong foundation. At the center of success is excellent leadership, a defined culture and skillful communication. The obstacle is knowing how to approach each piece independently and make them work together. This is achieved through running a diagnostic of the business, finding the holes and taking a whole new approach. I will also be discussing the challenge in hiring, statistics and how to begin to overcome that to hire more effectively and increase engagement.

Learning Objectives: The 3 categories that employees fall into and how to identify these people in your business, and why that’s important. What is the cost of turnover, and how do we begin to stop the cycle. Human Wiring, what is it and why is it a multipurpose tool for both learning and engagement.


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