The Value of Showing Up

The Value of Showing Up


What does it mean to “show up”? Regardless of personal or business, showing up has the same impact, but may yield different results. 

Showing up in your personal life!

Showing up in our personal lives may look like returning a phone call, keeping plans that were made, making a dance recital or simply listening. Being there for those moments in our day to day relationships with family and friends is what creates the trust bond, it’s what builds the bridge between acquaintance and friend. It’s vital to any relationship that goes beyond a casual connection. 

What happens when we don’t show up for those relationships? Trust begins to dissolve and stories are formed in the mind of the individual that’s been “stood up”. It becomes personal, regardless of whether it actually has anything to do with them or not. We are human, it’s hard to stand in the way of the emotional state that this puts us into. People are complicated.

Showing up in our business relationships

The same happens in our business relationships. The lack of showing up has an impact on not only the potential for building a trusting relationship, but it could ultimately become the word of mouth warning to others about doing business with you or your company. 

It takes discipline to “show up”, either physically or mentally when you’re having a human moment, but the value is incredible. It doesn’t mean that you’ll be perfect, or even good, but the impression that you are there will speak greater volumes. Of course there is another side to this, the value of authenticity!

Because we are all human, the value of allowing the other party to know that you may not be on your “A game” is valuable and also real. Most people have been there, and if they say they haven’t, they aren’t being truthful. 

So many of us walk around in our world creating business relationships and keeping our own “ON” switch flipped up! This doesn’t allow people to get to know the person behind the smile and super-charged charisma, but trust me, they know it’s there. There comes a point that it’s nice to feel the human connection and know that it’s genuine!

Let’s be real

Showing up doesn’t include being perfect. Simply arriving “as is” and allowing others to know that you cared enough to come shows them in that moment you put their needs ahead and kept your commitment to them. 

Showing up is being there. Keeping a meeting, returning a call or an email. Showing up is following through on a commitment of any kind, keeping the pathways of communication open regardless of comfort levels. BE THERE!

Clearly there are some free passes that fall into this category; illness, death or something serious. But this message is for repeat offenders. Your absence speaks volumes and you may not be approving of the message it’s sending. 

If you’re being challenged to show up, start by asking yourself, “why is this a challenge for me?”. It could be that something is really amiss in your own life. Acknowledging a pattern should open up the desire to start unpacking things and find the root cause. 

Not every area of growth sounds awesome and pretty, and this is one of them. It’s harsh, but it’s real. Some things are out of our control, but at the end of the day, if you weren’t there, it spoke. That’s a tough hole to climb back out of.


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