Life By Design

Life By Design


Would you say you’re living your best life? Do you feel you have control to live your best life? Asking yourself those two very honest questions is how you will discover your true power to live the life you want! To live your life by design.

Becoming the designer of your life isn’t hard, but it is scary if you have a preset concept of what your life should look like. 

Many of us were taught at a very early age of what a life should look like. These lessons are far reaching, and touch all aspects of our day to day living. 

Things that we are taught by our parents, teachers and peers are meant to help us grow up into responsible adults. 

  • Learning how to learn the “right way” (even though we are all uniquely different).
  • We are taught that we cannot get a great job without college.
  • The concept for work, to get a good job, with good benefits.
  • We learn what we should do for a career based upon tests and assessments.
  • We learn what work looks like. 9-5 with our lunch break.

There’s nothing wrong with any of this, other than the fact that it doesn’t work for everyone. 

It’s never too late to discover who you are and design your own life on your own terms. So many people earn a good living but are completely miserable in their lives due to feeling trapped. They have accepted that their time is not their own. They become unhappy, and they share this unhappiness with their family and friends. Truth be told, it’s a victim mindset. Nobody is a victim unless they choose to be. 

Choose to live without the chains.

Be the designer of the life you want to live! Find your passion and find a way to share that. Every person is in possession of a gift that we were meant to share, and we are all beautifully unique. When you choose to give to the world in the way you were designed, everything will change. Each day becomes more energizing than the day before, and you begin to live with purpose.

You may not wake up tomorrow and be able to suddenly change everything, but if you could, what would you change first? Start with that. Maybe it’s losing 10 pounds, so you make a decision and stick to your plan and change a piece of your life to make it work. Congratulations, you JUST took control. Check the box and tackle the next item. I promise you, as you achieve your goals, the goals will get bigger and soon you’ll be living your life by design. 

Live now, because now is all we ever have!

BE Amazing!


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