Leading in Purpose

Leading in Purpose


We are living in interesting times, this is undeniable. Individuals are craving more, not necessarily more material items, but more understanding, more happiness and more purpose. I was no different.

In search of my own reason for being, I discovered my own strengths and my purpose. It was after this discovery that I began paying attention to what others were doing that helped them develop the same results. I believe without a shadow of a doubt, that this is a shift in the dynamics of home life and work life. People simply want more purpose-filled lives. The question is, how do we begin the journey of achieving this?

The journey is not easy or fast. However, what it takes in time and effort, it makes up for in a blissful satisfaction of living your best life. 

The misleading concept of chasing your passions to find your career or dream life is (in my humble opinion) a dangerous myth. This idea more often results in shattered self esteem and major setbacks, than it does in finding your reason for being. I believe you need to first discover your strengths, then allow that to guide you to your purpose. Perhaps at that point it will settle you into your passion, and perhaps it won’t, but I promise, you will feel satisfied and filled with a purpose to begin each day again. Simply knowing that you are adding real value to yourself and the world you live in will help you achieve more, and help others do the same. This is the kind of life that will sustain and create a progressive future for our world and generations to come. It’s a selfless and gratifying adventure.

Understanding your strengths can be a very eye opening and validating experience for most individuals. Before the deep dive into understanding their own complexities, many people think that their strength is actually their weakness. For example, the belief that you are simply impatient, and if you were just more patient, you would be better at (insert whatever it is that you wish you could do). But when we can look at that area from a different lens, we discover that the “impatience” that you feel is actually what makes you more dynamic, a driver and gives you the ability to do more at once than someone without that particular strength. By seeing it from this “glass is half full” viewpoint, you can further learn how to work within that, and better learn the downside to this characteristic, which is difficulty in being more focused and patient. You can at this point achieve 2 different things, learn what you’re good at and also practice the art of working on awareness. It’s a beautiful journey of discovering your unique ability.

Once you have identified where your strengths live, the next step is aligning it with your world. How do you become the most effective and impactful version of yourself, while working in your strengths and truly contributing? This comes from the discovery of what you do day to day, the type of career path you are on, and an integration into your life. It’s not about making a drastic change in your current career, or even changing to a new career, but instead it’s about working differently and finding that purpose in what you do. 

As times continue to change, more employers are taking an honest look at building more purpose in their employees, working to their strengths and encouraging more personal growth and development. More individuals are craving this very thing. Through this, we collectively will create better places to work and better individuals within those better places! That’s the definition of Building Excellence!


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