In these times…

In these times…


It’s in these times that we embark into the unknown in all areas of our lives. I’ve felt the calling to help people recognize their purpose. That calling is the reason that I started my own business called BE Industries. I’m seeing now that the reason is coming full circle.

As we move into the unknown, wondering how tomorrow will look, we still need to also focus on our careers. For the self-employed this is especially true. There is a new opportunity here!

I can only speak of myself in this moment and the reality of what today has in store. My “bread and butter” in business is through relationships and creating face to face meetings. I am in service to people, therefore this poses a challenge for me.

Part of me feels this need to shutdown until the world opens back up. Another part of me says…open the doors. The recent atmosphere of life, knowing that I’m called to help others, means that I do practice listening to my higher self or intuition. In service to others is how I will open the doors. In this time there’s an opportunity we can all lean into. That is the calling to discover what it is we can give to others.

I will continue daily to be in service to businesses that need me, and individuals who reach out. I know my purpose still remains to help bring something better to the World. I do this through helping people understand each other better, in business and in life. To help businesses grow and individuals reach new heights is not just my purpose, it’s also my passion.

I’d like to challenge everyone to follow this lead, self examine and open your doors up. How can you be of service in this time of something unknown? Are you a change maker?

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  1. Yes! I love this! I was just talking to a speaker whose event was cancelled, and she is planning on delivering it remotely now. She was talking about how she is going to work this exact thought into her presentation now… How can we be helpers during this time? How can we use this to show more compassion, or actually become closer connections, while being forced to push farther away from each other?

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