break it down!

Foundations To Success

What are the 3 foundations that successful businesses are built upon?

  • Culture
  • Leadership
  • Communication

When a business desires to grow and excel, these three pieces are the pillars upon which everything else will be built!

Human Resources

Actively disengaged employee signs and symptoms. What to look for.

  • Poor attendance.
  • Lackluster work.
  • Apathy towards job and other staff.
  • Bad attitude.
  • Participates in office gossip or negative behavior.
  • Misses deadlines.
  • Does not participate in opportunities to grow in their position.
Human Resources

What is the cost of dis-engagement?

Actively disengaged staff is the kiss of death. The cost of lost revenue and productivity is only one piece of the equation. The loss of a quality staff member impacts other staff, and could result in more loss than just the one individual. The cost ranges anywhere from 21 percent to 213 percent of an employees annual salary!


Why is hiring such a risky endeavor?

Hiring is a game of chance. Statistically 50 percent of new hires will turnover within 18 months of their hire date. The biggest obstacle employers face is in the interview process. Many individuals interview well, which will leave the employer confused after a few months of poor job performance. This leaves the employer to implement performance improvement protocols, or face turning over a staff member to go through the risky process again.

Hiring and Retention

What is the Acumax Index and why is it a game changer?

AcuMax Index is a wiring assessment tool that measures an individuals innate wiring. This wiring is developed between 1 and 2 years of age and fully matured at the age of 16 (roughly).

The assessment points to areas of strengths and confidence markers. From a hiring perspective, it allows employers to get a glimpse of where an individual shines the most and will be the most engaged and productive.

Example: If the position requires multi-tasking and excellence in verbal communications, we are able to look for that specifically, among other things!

This is a game changer in hiring for both the candidate and the employer! By hiring the right person for the position you are greatly minimizing the risk of turnover!

Human Resources

What creates an actively disengaged employee?

Employees who are actively disengaged are created through poor job fit, ineffective and poor communication and a toxic work culture.

Actively disengaged employees can be difficult to see readily, but rest assured they are actively acting out their unhappiness, and this generally will undermine everything that your engaged employees are accomplishing. This can come in the form of direct sabotage or by creating turmoil in all parts of the business. Misery loves company. According to a Forbes 2019 study, only 21 percent of polled employees reported that they are highly engaged at work.

Coaching and Consulting

Why do businesses and individuals do better when they hire someone to help them?

The truth of the matter is simple. It’s easier to see things from the outside, and someone on the outside of a business or individual situation is able to analyze the information from the logic side of the brain.

As humans, we tend to make decisions based on our emotions vs. our logic. Having the input of a trusted outside source can change everything, as sometimes it’s difficult to see a clear solution from the inside.