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It’s in these times that we embark into the unknown in all areas of our lives. I’ve felt the calling to help people recognize their purpose. That calling is the reason that I started my own business called BE Industries. I’m seeing now that the reason is coming full circle. As we move into the … Continued

The Introverted Entrepreneur is a unique individual! It’s one of the most exciting profiles that I have the opportunity to work with. Understanding what makes the individual an introvert is the the foundation for development of the strength within that characteristic. The Duality of the Introvert What makes them especially effective is that they often times … Continued

Reason for BEing


My defining quote and story of my life is by R.M. Drake – In the end, she became more than she expected. She became the journey, and like all journeys, she did not end. She simply changed direction and kept going. My entire life has been exactly this way. I didn’t realize that all this … Continued

What does it mean to “show up”? Regardless of personal or business, showing up has the same impact, but may yield different results.  Showing up in your personal life! Showing up in our personal lives may look like returning a phone call, keeping plans that were made, making a dance recital or simply listening. Being … Continued

We are living in interesting times, this is undeniable. Individuals are craving more, not necessarily more material items, but more understanding, more happiness and more purpose. I was no different. In search of my own reason for being, I discovered my own strengths and my purpose. It was after this discovery that I began paying … Continued