Our mission is to help businesses solve problems and individuals reach their full potential.

Core Values

BE Industries is founded and operates on it’s three core values and they are woven into every interaction.

Being results driven intensifies the need to be authentic in business. We want you to succeed as much as you want to succeed. Honesty, openness and transparency come together to bring results.


A high standard for morals and ethics draws the best clients because they embrace the same values. Integrity means you will always be the first priority in our business


We don’t begin a journey without the intent to help our clients establish new growth both personally and inside their business. This is the only way that success is continued long after we leave.

How We Work

The objective is to keep it smooth, simple and fun. All that happens from the first meeting to the last is driven around the goals, objectives and needs of those that we are working with. Whether it’s creating a better culture, improving team dynamics, leadership coaching or hiring and retention, it’s all about you and where you are at now and where you want to be.


The consultation is where we learn more about you and your business. The objetive is for us to better understand what your needs are and how we can help.


AcuMax Assessment
AcuMax is an objective wiring assessment tools that helps us identify areas of improvement. Dependant on the consultation. We may assess the leadership team or the entire staff. Each company is unique.


We combine the consultation information along with the results of the AcuMax wiring assessment to get a clear picture of where adjustments, changes or improvements may need to be made.


We present a specific plan for you and your unique business and the journey to success begins!

Meet Jessica, Human Wiring Specialist

Founder Jessica Klatt sought a major professional change after a longstanding career in Real Estate. Her evolving path into the world of Communications and Human Resources sparked the desire to take her passion for people and business and create a company that can bring innovation and growth into other businesses.
She realized through this journey, that at the core of every company, a desire by both leadership and staff to achieve next level results was the difference between good and great. By focusing on growth through effective hiring, leadership development and culture the outcome is an outstanding employer with outstanding employees, and this is the recipe for success! Helping individuals and businesses BE all that they can BE, that’s what it’s all about!

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